FRENDI, is a company dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of machines and components for industrial and automotive sector.

For 32 years and integrated into the philosophy of its founder, our aim is quality and customer solutions.

With the latest technologies, FRENDI develops its machinery manufacturing plan with the concept of an exclusive product to meet the customer’s demands and needs.

Because our machines are tailored to the client, not the client to the machine.

FRENDI also markets products such as body paint for the automotive industry.

Friction components

Brake linings (without asbestos), drums, brake discs and pads, for commercial and industrial market of trucks, buses and vans.

Hydraulic components

Pressure pumps, valves, filters, distributors, rollers, etc.

Pneumatic systems

Manual valves, solenoid valves, cylinders, filters, pressure regulators, lubricators, etc.

Hydraulic hoses for low, medium and high pressure

For hydraulic fluid lines, power for public works, agriculture and food industry.

Transmission repair and balance

Of heavy vehicles such as trucks, buses and PW machinery



TOTAL represents nowadays with its array of subsidiaries and linked companies, the fifth international oil group worldwide in its activities related to gas and oil and it is an important player in chemistry.

NORTON, manufacturer of cutting and roughing discs for portable and standing machines, provides a superior performance in the most demanding works. The product range includes cutting edge technology solutions for cutting operations.

The product range provides paint for a wide variety of surface finishings: from the most vintage to the most innovating. From normal resistance to the highest, and always with an optimal value for money.