CMT 2"
CMT 2"
Engine 2,2 Kw.
Noise level 85 dB.
Voltage 220 V II 220/380 V III
Weight 42 Kg.
Cutting system HSS high performance disc
Cutting speed 50 m/min.

The cutter CMT2 is the essential machine for the of hydraulic swaging workshop production.

With no dust or smoke, the CMT 2″ is a cutter which gives clean and fast cuts. Its long diameter HSS disc guarantees a high performance and long lasting.

Due to its system of adjustable guides up to a gauge 32 (2″) in pipes such as 4SH can be easily cut. Its small size and its features make the CMT2 a great advantage machine, with the highest advances and minimum time in cutting pipes.

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