Weight 248 Kg.
Maximum cutting diameter DN31.
Maximum diameter coiled DN25.
Winding system Bobinadora extensible.
Unwinding system Carro portante manual.
Counting system Programmable digital counter
winding speed Changeable by user
LxWxH dimensions 3700 x 1200 x 1650.

Comfort and speed in winding.

Being able to make any size of reels, has always been hard, time consuming and laborious. Being able to send your customer smaller lengths of pipe from larger pipe reels was an added trouble. DVT is a set designed and developed in order to help you in such a difficult task

You will be able to comfortably handle that huge reel, to program it to the chosen size, and the DVT will cut the chosen section, in addition to being able to use your cutter inserted in the system.

What was a big problem before has never been so comfortable and fast.

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