Swaging system 8 cone clamps
Maximum swaging 3/4 “
Measuring system Fixed bumper guard or digital system.
Precision + – 0,10 mm.
Working pressure 700 Bar
Hydro-neumatic pump max pressure 8 Bar.
Noise level (hydro-neumatic pump) 68 dB
Weight 25 Kg.

Mini PHC involves the concept of a new machine for pressing hydraulic hoses with maximum utility premise of being portable.

Designed for mobile workshops or field works, this press is the ideal complement for fixing a broken hose in a short time, without the need to travel to repair.

FRENDI, as concepts in the design of the Mini PHC, has taken into account the manageability and maximum performance in line with developing a small size machine.

Mini PHC can be ordered withthe option of a hydropneumatic pump or hand pump, depending on the needs of each user.

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