1 1/4
1 1/4
Force 150 Tn.
Engine 2,2 Kw.
Noise level 68 dB.
Voltage 220 V II, 220/380 V III
Precision + – 0,05 mm.
Pump 12 l/min.
Weight 635 Kg.
Swaging system 8 front clamps
Maximum swaging 1″ 1/4 4 Spires -1″ 1/2 Textiles -1″ 6 Spires.
Measuring system Digital.


The PHF 1″ 1/4 swaging machine is a machine developed for the mid-range workshop in order to manufacture hydraulic swaging.

With the same swaging system as the bigger models, the machine is provided with a compact and versatile design allowing incomparable working comfort.

Easy and user-friendly, all the swaging functions have been reduced to make its operation easier.

Thanks to its digital measurement system, the swaging diameters are controlled precisely at a tolerance of +- O.OSmm, assuring a correct and guaranteed swaging.The technological development reached by FRENDI in its PHF 1″ 1/4 shows that a fine swaging machine does not have to be difficult, but useful and effective.