Force 240 Tn.
Engine 2,2 .. 5,5 Kw.
Noise level 67 dB.
Voltage 220 V II, 220/380 V III
Precision +/- 0,05 mm.
Weight 850 Kg.
Swaging system 8 front clamps
Maximum swaging 2″ 4 Spires- 2 1/2 Textiles -11/46 Spires.
Measuring system Digital.


The PHF 2″ swaging machine is a machine destined to satisfy the most demanding needs of the production workshop of hydraulic swaging up to 2″ .

Its vertical swaging system makes it one of the most comfortable machines to work with in the market. Easy and user-friendly, all the swaging functions can be selected with manual and automatic control modes with the PHF 2, being able to select the swaging diameter. (Opening).

Its digital measurement system controls the swaging parameters precisely at a tolerance of + – O.OSmm, assuring a correct and guaranteed swaging.

FRENDI shows the concept of the best swaging of 8 die sets in its model PHF 2″, a fas,t precise, and above all, user-friendly and versatile machine.