Force 270 Tn .. 400 Tn
Engine 4 .. 7,5 Kw.
Noise level 67 dB.
Voltage 220/380 V III
Precision + – 0,05 mm.
Pump 32 l/min .. 86 l/min
Weight 850 .. 1470 kg.
Swaging system 8 front clamps
Maximum swaging 2″ 6 spires – 4″ – 8″ industrial textiles.
Measuring system Digital (standard) Touch screen (optional).

The highest capacity.

Designed to satisfy the highest necessities of the market, the  PHF 4 and PHF 8 swaging machines are thought to deal with the highest standards in industries, mining and food market. The vertical pressing system is one of the best concepts developed in hydraulic with flexible swaging in low, high and medium pressure.

It has a large array of possibilities. In its manufacturing and conceptual design, the models PHF 4 and PHF 8 are made with the needs of our customers about velocity, power and automatisation. FRENDI, with its PHF 4 and PHF 8 machines, finishes the concept of maximum capacity with an exclusive, trustworthy and ergonomic design.