Weight 198 Kg.
Pressing system Hydraulic
Maximum pressing diameter 385 mm.
Triggering Mechanic valve
Usage pressure 5,5 to 12 Bar.
Pressing time 18″.
Main connection 1/4 BSP.


PNBT is a useful swager for container reduction, destined to minimize the large volume occupied by empty containers, solvents, paints, catalyzers, and waste produced by industry.

With the new environmental regulations, waste recycling is fundamental in the future industry and ecological workshops. PNBT is a tool developed for that recycling. Its simplicity of use, its speed to reduce containers as well as the different swaging volume (a container 500 mm high is reduced up to 75 mm.) turns the machine into a profitable one, since you will be able to store many more waste containers into your picking-up container.