Weight 98 Kg.
Speed 18 mm/seg.
Tubular Rivet diameter 4, 5, 6, 8.
8 bar power 23.600 N
Triggering Pedal.
Main connection 3/8 BSP

The RFC is a machine designed to rivet for aluminum tubular, semi tubular, brake shoes, brake metal hoops and clutch disk rivets.

Because of its dimensions and reduced weight this machine is compact and easy to transport”.

The activation of the riveting machine is pneumatic, being modified with its regulator according to the desired pressure depending on each rivet.

The riveting is done through rivet sets according to the diameter of the rivet; any kind of special rivet set can be supplied, if ordered.

The anchorage system of the rivet sets is done with a fixing screw which means an accurate and fast change.

The pieces which can be worn out are treated so that the machine lasts longer.

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