The VPH drying system makes it easier and helps you save time in the processes of evaporation of painting, especially those water-soluble.

Developed to take the most of the flow with the minimum consumption, VPH takes advantage of the press air used in the cabin increasing the outflow quantity. It is an economical and easy to use system.

VPH avoids the heating periods in the cabin together with their high cost.

Easy to use: VPH is a light and practical system with its version with a holder designed to be used in the painting cabin or its manual version designed for small repairs.

Weight 11,2 Kg. (version with support) Ref: MA VPH0001 0,7 kg. (manual version) Ref: MA VPH0002.
Main connection 1/4” BSP.
Pressure of usage 1,5 to 6 Bar.
Supplied volume 6,1 m3/min
Flow regulation Manual valve
Consumption 5,8 l/sec.
Triggering system Compressed air

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